Training Betta Fighter Before The Fight
once the fish get in your house, fish 1-2 days rest before starting training. if the fish is fresh from the pool and not conditioned, they are conditioning your first 7-14 days after it began training.

Training methods we used to do.
Vortex Training

Use big round jar (in Indonesia called cherry jar)
Put Clean water to the tank and put some salt, Almond leave to the tank. After that put the betta fighter into the bottle. After the water is brown, before the start of training take this leaf is in the bottle. After the leaves were taken, could begin training. Gently stir the water in a bottle with a small stick with a smooth surface. Stir constantly to form a vortex. Do it for 2 hours every day, and stop up to 1 day before the fight.
This training method can increase stamina for your betta fighter.
This training method can also be combined with pale training.

Pale Training
This training method is done to turn the propeller style blow or blows to the head turned toward enemy.
before training, we must first prepare a medium-sized aquarium, after that put clean water to the aquarium and put the betta fighter into the aquarium. Waste water in the aquarium to the left very little to the fish swim in an oblique or water as high as half of the body betta fighter. So the fish will survive by jumping sideways manner. It is very good to turn the propeller style blow. training performed within 1 hour of training every day and stop this 2 days before the fight.


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