Regulations Are Often Used In Multiple Arenas
There are many regulations that are used in the arena fighter betta
Fish must be the same size:
-could use the scales
-could use the sight of each player from the top of the bottle
-could use a jury to determine
-If the size of the fish is different, then the player with the bigger fish should give more money if the fish are lost or if the player want the amount of money remains the same then the player with the larger fish should be able to beat an opponent in a specified time, but in case of a draw the fish to the larger sizes will lose the fight

Determine the winner:
-Fish first run away from the opponent will lose.
-When the fight ended in a draw until a specified time limit, each fish must be separated in different jars, once it is determined which fish first entered the executioner fish. limit of the executioner blows usually only 10 times. suppose first fish ran away from the executioner, then calculated how many blows he had received at the time before the fish are run away, fish who get more punch is winner the battle
-If the fish died before the specified time has been completed then the player who has the dead fish had to pay 200% of the money at stake.


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